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Closet Intervention

This is the story of a two closets gone astray. Instead of looking like orderly places where belts, pants, coats, and shoes have their place, they looked like the aftermath of a war zone. Piles of shoe rubble. Shirts thrown by some explosion out of their home and onto other furniture. Dresses shoved into place without care or attention.

Daniel and I each have a reach-in closet, Daniel’s about 2/3 the size of mine, but with one door entry versus my accordion door opening. But to make matters worse for him, I had baskets too big for their shelves full of all my craft and photo stuff crammed into the upper shelves, leaving his T-shirts and shoes to fend for themselves near the floor.

Here are our before and after pictures…


Daniel’s Closet BEFORE (yikes)

ImageHere you see the casualties of a grenade. (Take note of the piles upon piles of children’s books in the background we had no place for. That will become important later.)

ImageDaniel’s closet AFTER (wiping sweat off brow)

This was accomplished merely with the help of a hanging sweater rack from Target (which is less than half the price of the cheapest at the Container Store). Also, notice that the upper shelf is now free for him to use, because I took back my sh** and organized it in my own closet!


My closet BEFORE


  • shoe rubble, lower right (also very difficult to get at beyond the low-hanging dresses, skirts, pants, etc.)
  • Purple boxes of mystery files, lower left, that have accumulated for the last 3 years
  • Sweatshirt sleeve hanging down disorderly from the highest shelf, because I can’t reach and literally throw things up there that I don’t wear that often


Step 1: Clear out the unwanted … clothes to Goodwill. Unnecessary files in the trash and consolidated into (count ’em) ONE purple bin in the corner where you can’t see it.

Step 2: Hunt for 1.5 hours at the Container Store for bins to keep your crafts in that fit the very awkward measurements of closet shelves (and finally settle on transparent ¬†shoeboxes). Stack one more shoe rack for extra shelving (though take note that Target has one identical for cheaper and I just chose this one because I couldn’t take fluorescent lighting and crowds any longer).

Step 3: Organize other storage spaces in apartment to maximize all space…


Our toolboxes had been sitting out in the open in our bedroom for forever, because we had all sorts of cleaning supplies cluttering up under the kitchen sink. So … I moved that stuff into one consolidated basket under our bathroom sink, moved our toolboxes under the kitchen sink, and added two paper bags for our recycling that overflows out of our normal recycling bin.


Under our bathroom sink

Here you can see those cleaning supplies in a basket (which I used to have my crafts in). The rest of our stuff got organized into the sides. And the things we didn’t use that often, I moved into cabinets in the bathroom, where we keep linens. (I also Goodwilled some things from there to make room. You need only one, not two, white bedspreads, correct?)

So this is the end of our organization story … for now. There is certainly lots of room for improvement, but for now I’m enjoying the resulting sanity and cleanliness of the open spaces.