Moral of the Day

Dark chocolate (we’re talkin’ 85%+) is a frequent treat in our cupboards.

This morning (yes, morning, don’t judge) Daniel asked me if I would like a square of our Blackout dark chocolate. As it is delicious, I accepted.

It turns out, after one square … I really wanted another. So I proposed we each have another, but Daniel hesitated. I suppose his conscience began whispering, “It’s morning” on his shoulder just about then. But rather than leave myself at the mercy of his unpredictable answer, I swiped the foil-wrapped goodness off the counter, placed one square in his hand and the other one in mine.

However, along with that piece of chocolate, I offered a piece of sage advice:

“Never give a girl a piece of chocolate unless you’re prepared to give her another.” 

This little nugget of wisdom, or “moral of the day” inspired two pieces of art in our household today…

Inspired Artwork #1) This drawing by moi.


Inspired Artwork #2) This message, by Daniel, on our fridge with those wonderful magnetic letters.


… which then got rearranged to form this:


Fun in the apartment this spring break!


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