Kitchen Inspiration

This is a before picture of our kitchen, which is directly across from our living room (which is also where we eat). Therefore, we look at these cabinets any time we are living in our apartment.


This was taken before I actually moved all my stuff in, so in general it looks much different now, but the unfinished wood on the cabinets clashing with the fake wood laminate counters is getting to me nowadays. I’ve been debating whether I should ask for permission to either paint the cabinets or stain them at least. If I paint them, I would probably only be allowed to go with the same off-white color on the walls that they painted the bathroom cabinets. Any opinions on whether it would be better in a small space to go for blending the cabinets into the walls or staining them a richer color?

In the meantime I just stumbled across this website, though, which has me thinking about what I could do to fix them … and “spruce up” the kitchen in general. 

I’m considering #1: “Floor it,” but wondering whether it would just make an already small (very small) place seem choppy.

I’d love to do #2: Change the light. But I’m not sure about the technical how-to with the particular light installed in our place yet. If I figure it out, I will let you know!

I’m CRAZY about #7: “Bring the outside in.” A vertical wall-mounted herb garden would be a dream! Before I get it I will need to 1) save up to get this thing and 2) paint my thumb to be a bit more green.

I am contemplating #8: taking the doors off the cabinets. However, I’m not sure exposed storage would be the best for this small space. Not unless I could rearrange some things, maybe.

And perhaps #10 could be in the works eventually: non-stick papering the countertops to look like cork or granite or something. I found this video of its installation. Call me crazy, but maybe it could work … At Berlin Wallpaper, the marble roll is only $9 for a huge roll!

Then this website, Berlin Wallpaper, has other patterns as well – could I make my cabinets a whitewashed wood or something else different?


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